What to Expect

At DramaWay participants experience a uniquely welcoming environment where they feel a sense of community, friendship and fitting-in like never before. This atmosphere allows participants’ self-confidence to grow in many ways.

While the arts are our vehicle, the skills learned naturally translate to social and life skills, including:

  • physical and facial expression
  • body awareness
  • active listening
  • eye contact
  • expressive language

Our 5 to 1 student to staff ratio further enhanced by volunteers, allows every participant to receive the personal attention to provide the best experience possible.

Interested to find out what it’s like to be a participant in a DramaWay program? Contact us to ask about a trial class.

“What you have done for your clients and your staff is amazing. You have created a true community and given hope and meaning to a lot of people.”
Annette Smith, DramaWay parent