About the Papermill Theatre

Introducing the new location of DramaWay’s Annual Multi-Arts Showcase

Set inside the historic Todmorden Mills, the theatre is the resident home of Toronto’s East Side Players. It has the feel of an intimate performance space with its beautiful series of posts and beams. Renovated in 2005 by award winning architect Alar Kongats, this 19th century paper mill is now a fully accessible, state-of-the-art theatre. Throughout the 19th century, the Papermill Theatre and Gallery was a functioning paper mill which produced the first machine-made paper in Upper Canada. Todmorden Mills Heritage Site is one of the 10 historic museums operated by the City of Toronto.

Location: Todmorden Mills
67 Pottery Road, Toronto, ON
Groups: RhythmWorks West & RhythmWorks Scarborough,
DramaWorks Scarborough, DramaWorks Group A & DramaWorks Group B

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