Danielle Strnad, Founder and Artistic Director

DanielleStrnadFounder and Artistic Director, Head Drama Facilitator
BFA, Concordia University
S.S.W., Sheridan College

Danielle founded DramaWay in 1999. She saw an opportunity in the community to provide creative arts programs, emphasizing a uniquely compassionate, process-oriented approach to educational arts programming for individuals with special needs. Danielle’s philosophy is to always put her participants first.

Danielle’s background as a social service worker and theater artist; combined with her larger-than-life personality are the backbone of DramaWay’s success. As a theatre artist, she knows how to craft a show, and provide engaging programs for individuals of all levels. As a Social Service Worker, she brings great empathy and understanding for each and every individual. Danielle views the arts as a gateway to confidence and community, and hopes to spread her inclusive philosophy, through her work at DramaWay.

“The most rewarding aspect of my job is to see the growth in individuals, many of whom have been attending our program since DramaWay’s inception. When I see the small steps that happen, someone being afraid to go on stage one year and then the next barging onto the stage with full confidence I know we’re really impacting someone’s life.”
-Danielle Strand

Danielle has received media attention for her work from the Canadian Living Magazine, The Annex Gleaner, The Scarborough Mirror, CBC’s Moving On TV program, and continues to be recognized by Community Living Toronto as a valuable community partner. The Erinoakkids Players group, directed and led by Danielle, was awarded The Emerging Performance Arts Group in 2005 by the Mississauga Arts Council.

Danielle Strnad was recently awarded The Exceptional Accessibility Champion Award on December 3, 2015. She was also nominated by Sheridan College in 2013 for a Premier Award in the category of Community Services. This award was launched in 1992 to mark the 25th anniversary of Ontario colleges, the annual Premier’s Awards honour outstanding college graduates. Sheridan typically nominates six alumni annually who have achieved exceptional career success related to their college experience. The Premier’s Awards provide an opportunity to celebrate alumni achievements and showcase their success.We are proud that our Director/Founder received a signed Certificate in November of 2013 in recognition of her work from our Premier.

Prior to founding DramaWay, Danielle worked as a Drama Specialist teaching, directing and supervising Theatre programs within TDSB schools and around the GTA community for Etobicoke Creative Arts, Arts Express Outreach Program, Children’s Arts Theatre School and the City of Toronto. She has created therapeutic programs in collaboration with Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, Music Therapists and Behavioural Consultants. Amongst her many credits, Danielle has also performed in numerous productions for theatre companies such as Elysian River Theatre, Imago Theatre, Geordie Theatre Productions and Pumpkin Theatre.


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